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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Political Garbage

An eight year old boy died of an illness, so the national news reports the event. The national news doesn't report on the death of other children that died from an illness, but this one is different: The boy was from Guatemala, and is one of the illegals trying to become U.S. citizens. Regardless of how the death has nothing to do with politics, the media thinks it's important, since they think it glorifies their political garbage.

The article doesn't report what the child died from. Was it a dangerous communicable disease? Was it a simple cold, but the child was not in good health? An allergic reaction? We'll probably never know, since most people worry tremendously about their own children, and would not be very gracious towards those bringing unknown illnesses into the the country. The boy might have died from an illness not common in the United States, and the exposure to the population could lead to severe health problems.


  1. They would be so excited it had been a pregnant woman. The media is crossing collective fingers waiting and hoping . . .