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Friday, August 20, 2021

Professional Discretion

Those in the medical profession are trained to observe, and make decisions on medical treatments. This, to anyone with some logical thinking would cause some alarm, when those professionals have the largest percentage of individuals refusing to take the Covid 19 supposed vaccination. Why would they hesitate? What about the injection concerns them? 

From my viewpoint, the answer is simple: there's the possibility of something dangerous happening after injections, and the injection offers no protection from the virus its supposed to prevent. That should cause some alarm, especially when thousands of medical professionals were fired for refusing the injection. To them, the injection is so dangerous, they're willing to take on financial problems to be safe. 

There are many different sources that warn of the problems of the injection, and those trying to share this information can have their social media accounts suspended for their effort. This should be more than a concern, and those promoting the injection should be recognized as being foolish in their haste, and their efforts as dangerous.


  1. That's absolutely correct.
    When a trained medical professional takes a financial hit to stay safe, it speaks volumes.
    I know a few of these.

  2. and 18 months in i just this week had someone i know die of "complications" of covid. yet i know three young men that died or are dying in hospital from the vax induced pericarditis, and two elderly ladies that were in good health but have issues now after the vax. one still seeks the booster, i shit you not. i was shocked that slo joe admitted there are 85 million folks still balking at taking the vax. i am not alone. shocked too when i went to the big box lumber store to see every millenial masked up, even though no mandate or even request. all us geezers were glaring at them in contempt. boggles my mind.

  3. It's a full court press on this.

    They won't stop.

    1. Not until they realize the push-back is more serious than their political desires.

  4. I dunno if the vax is dangerous on a statistical basis... statistically, people have gotten sick and died from taking asprin or tylenol. On a statistical level there is a risk in any drug or treatment.

    But it is obviously ineffective. And TPTB are not being honest about it or its affects. That alone is the kiss of death for the idea for me. That, and the strong arm tactics being used to administer it.

    1. I have a huge distrust of the government and the scientists that lick their boots for money. Time always reveals the long term effects of medications, and with the push, and not any recourse against the manufacturers, I'm not only suspicious, I'm outright unwilling to be part of their agenda.

    2. it is dangerous. by their own measure, the VAER, this vax has had more deaths and more serious adverse reactions than all the vaxxes put together in the history of vaccines. swine flu vax was pulled after one death and a few hundred reactions. by their own admission, blood clotting, stroke, and pericarditis are among the MANY adverse reactions. yeah, statistically rare, but even rarer are covid deaths. i don't care to up my odds of either.