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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Received my Appointment

 The dermatologist's office set my appointment in early September. I know what's coming, which will involve some surgery, and whatever processes are necessary. Hopefully, there won't be the need for skin grafts, but if that's what it takes, that's what will happen.


  1. Good luck Jess. I had an odd mole on my next that each year at my physical I pointed out to my Doctor. He wasn't concerned. It was after 3 or 4 years he finally sent me to a plastic surgeon that specialized in face area. He wasn't concerned but took a biopsy. The next morning I got a call to get back to the office. It was melanoma. Luckily it was only in the epidermis. I have gone once a year since then for a full body check. ETA. I scrolled back some posts and didn't see you mention anything else so I hope it's something different for you. Good luck.

    1. Basil cell, as far as I know. It was removed years ago, but not with the Mohs procedure. The last one on the top of my head, which was Mohs procedure was borderline for skin grafts. This one may be larger, and since it's on my face, there might be too much removed to just pull the skin tight.

    2. went thru that a few years ago. it was a pita. hurt like hell for a couple days, get the meds. good health to ya.

  2. Here's hoping your visit and subsequent prognosis go well.

  3. Thank you all. If it's like last time, it will be mostly an episode of light pain, and ugly bandages for a week, after they make a determination and the surgery is performed.