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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Something Will Start

The suicide bombing in Afghanistan, from what I've seen, wasn't an act sanctioned by the Taliban. Considering how they've operated in the past, there will be hell to pay by those that coordinated the bombing. They seem to have some kind of honor code, which leads to tribal warfare, and civil war. 

Time will tell how this works out, but the past reveals the resolution won't be by talking.


  1. i wonder what unintended consequences this whole thing has started here. there are some very good men wretching at the goings-on, men that also have a code of honor. will this set in motion the new revolution? or something even darker? or maybe embolden our enemies to make their moves on the chessboard, costing more lives than ww2? i just know there is a great swell of anger, seething, teeth gritting fist clenching anger among the general population. i think heads will actually roll before his anger is calmed. it won't be pretty.

    1. If I had to guess, the NCO's will steer the agenda. They run the show, and the officers that are nothing but hats will find they can't control those that control them.

  2. Dominos, stacked. Nudge . . . in play.