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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

RICO and the Politicians

Organized crime is hard to prosecute, when those pulling the strings are influential. People can be paid to turn their head, courts can be corrupted, police can be corrupted, and the minions at the lower levels are  expendable. The RICO act was passed to help in prosecuting these type of people, but in my opinion, is most needed at this point to prosecute elected officials, former elected officials, members of the media, law enforcement officials, and members of the judicial system corrupting courts. The entire Russia Gate fiasco was organized crime, and the members of the media refusing to investigate the lies are culpable in the criminal activities. 

Will Durham drop the hammer and start pounding on all involved with the subterfuge? I doubt it, unless he scores some convictions on the minions. He could, if he wanted, but the Capitol is full of the criminals that the officials are supposed to protect us from. The rotten criminals have strong influence, and Durham probably knows they'll do anything to stop him, including murder.


  1. Nope. Telling a fib to the FBI is only a thing if you have an "R" after your name.

    1. Durham, with all his time and money, managed to show D.C. is a quagmire of political chicanery. We all knew that, and it's a terrible waste of money, without someone being hung for treason.

  2. The Z Man has an excellent post up today on how this all came about.