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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

It Really Doesn't Matter

They raided Trump's home. Regardless of anything they found, everyone that supports Trump will automatically assume it was planted. The feds, and their ignorant minions, made a mistake that will bring only rotten fruit to their efforts. May they pay dearly for their mistake, and those involved find long days in prison for treason.


  1. Someone must pay and pay dearly.
    Very dearly.

  2. The only people that go to prison for something like this have an (R) behind their names.
    ............Right Hillary?

  3. I think it matters. People need to see these institutions work in order to trust them. Abusers need to be punished and the people need to see that being done too.

    I am not a conservative that believes the unfounded muck and dirt spewed by the establishment. Joe Biden really is a liar, a thief and a cheat… and a pedo as well. As is his son. His team blatantly stole an election and the guns should have come out then. Or during the scamdemic. None of this is legit.

    Trump is no saint… but he CAN run a country. The question now is - can he clean one up?

    1. Of course it matters with those that have integrity. For the Democrats, and many Republicans, their ill-gotten gain is reason to prosecute for crimes up to treason, but they have many in the agencies to cover their butts. They will do anything to protect themselves, including assassination.