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Friday, August 26, 2022

A Short Summary

 Things that are happening:

- The F.B.I. meddled in the last Federal election. 

- The military is sending equipment needed to protect the United States to countries known for criminal corruption.

- Student loans are planned to be partially forgiven, regardless of the illegal method and strain on the U.S. economy.

- The I.R.S. is hiring 87,000 new employees, while revenue receipts are at record highs. 

- Inflation is destroying the budgets of citizens at a time when many are still trying to regain financial control of the damage caused by the illegal Covid isolation.

- People are dying for unknown reasons, but they have no known reason for their deaths except they were vaccinated with a poorly tested antigen.

- Poor water practices has led to massive drought conditions. 

- Interest rate hikes have removed the ability of many to buy a home. Rent increases have removed the ability of many to have a roof over their heads. 

- Energy policies are causing reliance on a source of electricity that is not only unsustainable, it is more harmful to the environment than any fossil fuel.

- Most all forms of government are completely run by bureaucrats without any oversight by elected officials.

- All money in the United States is controlled by a private corporation, with absolutely nothing of tangible value to back it up.

- Foreign powers are buying land in the United States which gives them resources to spy, cause financial harm, and control the food supply of U.S. citizens. 

- Election fraud has been proven to be rampant, and the last election was determined by illegal votes. 

- The President is barely able to complete a sentence, and Congress sits on its hands. 

The list goes on, but the biggest evil is the collusion by much of the media to hide illegal activities and promote practices that will destroy the United States. Well indoctrinated by years of corrupt education at publicly funded school, they are not only ignorant, they're the first to be eliminated if it all goes to crap.


  1. Great list, Jess.

    If I can add one more "accomplishment" to Biden's handers:

    There are STILL container ships waiting to be unloaded in S. Cal and also East Coast and Gulf Coast ports.

    But the news hasn't reported on this for months, not since the inital backlog in S. Cal.

    The most failed Admin in our history.

    1. FedEx is losing one of its largest contractors in November. Shippers will have the opportunity to charge what they want, and with things held up at ports, the huge cost difference will shock many consumers; especially when they don't receive for what they paid exorbitant prices.

  2. they've not failed. they are succeeding with their plans apace.

    1. In my opinion, most of the politicians, and bureaucrats, are really too stupid to realize how they're being used like toilet paper. EEO policies, and college educations, created minions with harm as the result.

  3. Good summary. And, as @deb said, all going according to plan.

    1. The plan is working, and most people are too busy wondering if they can keep their streaming service.

  4. isn't all the money backed by the taxpayers?

    1. The government backs many things, and the taxpayers are placed on the hook to pay for foreclosures and deadbeats.