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Saturday, August 6, 2022

As Things Start to Change

We had a long spell of extra hot weather.  To add to this unpleasantness, we had very little rain. Burning bans were enacted, plants took a beating, and I was wondering how long it would last. 

Over the last few days, we've had about four inches of rain. The large thunderstorms brew early, some sit in one place for a long time, and the lingering clouds drop the temperature. Where we were around 100 every evening, the highs have been in the low nineties, and my a/c hasn't run constantly all afternoon. 

We're approaching the middle of August, and I've seen early fronts at the end of August that dropped the temperature into the sixties. Regardless of whether that happens, the shorter days, longer nights, and decrease in sunlight will bring the cooler weather. Ours will be what those up North call Summer. Pleasant mornings, cool afternoons, and brilliant, clear azure skies will be welcomed after the passage of a front. 

I'm ready. Summer was a little harder on me this year, and I wondered how I could stay in the heat all day, when I worked. I'm guessing I was tougher then, but with the boxcar years coming soon, the wear will only show more.

I do have some projects to do, but cooler weather is demanded for the tasks. It won't be long for that to happen, and for those that will soon find snow in their forecast, you have my sympathy. Your cold is as brutal as our heat, and maybe less forgiving.


  1. No, cold is far more forgiving, because it can be planned for in so many more ways. Heat just sucks.

    1. You're right, but down here, unless someone dies from the heat, people really don't pay it much attention, since they can be in their comfortably air conditioned car after a short, shaded walk from their comfortably air conditioned inside job.

  2. This year I made a concerted effort to acclimatize, Jess. When I was younger I always ran around in steel toed boots, sometimes in coveralls and glove and hard hat... and I never even questioned my clothing.

    I had to force myself to wear shorts and sandals. If I wasn't in sandals I was barefoot. I drank gallons of water and bought a wide brim hat... and I actually did pretty good.

    I dunno if my feet will ever come clean again though... :)

    1. It took awhile for me to start wearing shorts and sandals. Now, that's what I generally wear, and will wear on mild winter days.

      I put on my steel-toes the other day. How I wore them for the entire day is beyond me now.