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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Local Pies in the Sky

Two of the larger cities in my area are scrambling to attract business, and from my perspective, will manage to increase the size of the money pits they manage. Both destroyed any willingness for new major business by following the path of accepting government handouts and the subsequent demands of following the madness dictated by accepting the charity. My prediction is the cities will spend money on ridiculous projects, screw the taxpayers in the process, and demand more taxes to finance their folly. 

I'm glad I left the county the two cities are in. Taxes were too high, crime was too high, bureaucracy was the normal way of handling business, and without the petrochemical industry, the county would be completely broke. May they do better in the future, but I won't participate.


  1. Sometimes they are good, most of the time it's the matter of who makes the worst deal.

    1. I've found politicians, and most municipal administrators, are bureaucratic ass clowns easily distracted by shiny examples of total BS. I can see why many just push their integrity to the side, make money on the ignorance, and retire early.

  2. Other people's money spends mighty easily.
    But once it is gone, we need MORE.
    The sooner this economy collapses, the sooner we can start over.

    1. They spend it without any awareness most of what they spend it on will be as fruitful as throwing the money into a fireplace. To make things worse, most of the citizens are just an unaware.