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Monday, November 20, 2023

A New Daily Visitor

 Abou two months ago, when the drought was still accented by brutal heat, I was out watering the roses and filling the bird bath. I'd moved to the bird bath, when I noticed the peahen by the fence around the roses and slowly working her way toward me. Thinking she might be thirsty, I sprayed enough on the ground between us to make a small puddle. She immediately made her way to the puddle and started drinking. 

A few days later, I was watering again. I watered the roses, went to the bird bath to fill it, turned, and was surprised by the peahen standing only about three feet away. I filled the bird bath, and she kept following me. Thinking she was hungry, I went to the small can we keep the bird food in, scooped out a small pile near my feet, and she immediately came to eat. 

Since then, she comes almost daily. She announces she's near with a  noise I can only describe as that of a peahen. I go to the can, scoop her out a small pile of food, and she's content. If she decides to stay longer, I'll break up a slice of bread for her eat. She'll get very close, but not too close. 

I don't know how long this will last, but the neighbor is contemplating a peacock for her as a companion. I wish he would, and they can both come over for a meal.


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    1. My same neighbor had a peacock up to about two years ago. He would wander the surrounding area and go see what my niece's chickens had to eat. In the evening, he would fly high into a tree and call for whatever they call for. He was sold, and I miss his evening serenade.

  2. That amount of trust isn't because of the food.