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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Shopping Warily

 Decades ago, an inspector for my project was mugged while Christmas shopping at the local mall. He was best described as a stocky, strong young man. He'd played football in high school, and was far from a weakling. Still he was mugged. He had an arm full of packages, they hit him after hiding behind some cars and were gone before he had a chance to fight. He never recovered his gifts, and the police couldn't really do much. 

You have to be wary. Park where there are people, with plenty of light, and if you're alone, never forget to observe the parking lot before you go to your vehicle. If you have that feeling something isn't right, find a security guard, or a policeman, and have them escort your. If that's not available, wait until there are more shoppers going the same way, and carefully examine around your vehicle before you walk up to unlock the door. Never fill your arms with packages, unless you have someone with you that you know can help. 

I despise that fact there are those willing to steal like a coyote attacking a small dog. They're the scourge of the earth, and in my opinion, if caught, should be sentenced to 20 years of hard labor. If convicted twice, they should be punished like a wild coyote that lost it's fear of men.


  1. I hate that you can't legally should someone who has robbed/mugged you and is running away.

    1. That's a judgement call in Texas. In some situations, it can be an acceptable response with deadly force.

  2. Another advantage of not being in a big city.

    1. The local city, although not large in comparison to Houston, is filling with the dregs of society and crime is increasing. Thinking the police are protecting is foolishness. There are too many criminals and too little public involvement with ridding the community of their likes.