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Thursday, November 23, 2023


 I awoke to cloudy skies. A jet passing below the lead gray dome made it seem as a great, stone roof covered the world. It's a little below forty degrees and the wind is calm. I probably have experienced Thanksgivings with this type of weather in the past, but I don't remember any specifically. 

Yesterday was more of what I remember of Thanksgiving. The sky was azure with a few high cirrus. The wind was brisk from the north, and an occasional whiff of wood smoke was found. It made me think of times at my grandparents; and the gatherings we had on Thanksgiving. 

The smells of the cooking dinner were intoxicating. Roast turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, hot rolls and the numerous pies cooling on the counter. My grandfathers burning barrel in the alley was filling the air with the odor of burning leaves and the clear blue skies were almost too bright to look at. 

Almost all that gathered there are gone. Some left by age, and others by tragedy, or illness. Only memories remain and I keep them gathered in my thoughts on Thanksgiving. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all that visit. Treasure every moment with family and friends. Most of us are truly blessed and giving thanks for those blessings is best when it is shared.



  1. Attrition.
    As you say, some of it not so unexpected.
    Some of it is heartpiercing.
    But it is the unfolding of our life, and we truly need to savor every moment.
    From Manzanillo, Mexico I hope your day is joyful and filled with memories that make you smile.

  2. Thanksgiving of the past somehow seems so much better than now. Much of that is because we were young and had our lives and dreams still ahead. Now the wife and I are Medicare age, things are different. But for this year we had my oldest daughter and her husband over, my youngest daughter and her husband and her husbands parents over for dinner last night. And life is still good, a nice evening was had by all. Today my daughter's will accompany their husbands to dinners with other family members. And they will have a good day and continue expanding family ties. Life sometimes sucks. But for this holiday all is well.

    1. I never thought much of what a daunting task the Thanksgiving feast At be...until I had twenty of my family over. At this time, I doubt I could pull one off, but if I had to, I would try. When younger, such things are never thought of, and only the wonder of Thanksgiving day is noticed.

  3. Part of the joy of the holidays is remembering holidays past.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was another blessing.

    1. It was. It was much different, since the loss of a sister-in-law left many in a state of melancholy.

    2. Sorry. Hope being together at least helped.