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Monday, October 24, 2011

Arguing With Math

We have a project that requires a 30 degree skew on a pipe discharge. The pipe is around 200 feet, which places the end of the pipe 115.47 feet downstream of a line perpendicular to the outfall from the upstream location.  Since 30 degrees is the minimum offset, which may be a concern due to property lines, a change in the upstream location may be required.

One of my bosses, of course, had to ask if I was sure, so I had to explain. Another, acted like the requirements should be changed, which is out of the question . I know who we're dealing with and they won't vary from their requirements.

So, in the end, the math can't be argued with. What I haven't told either boss is that I think their "seat of the pants" measurement of 200 feet is probably off by at least 40%, which means the pipe will fit. The offset is much less for 120 feet.

I won't discuss this with either boss until I verify the dimensions. They like to argue with math; I don't. Math always wins.

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