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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Protest Revisited

I've been reading reports on how nasty the area has become. People are peeing and crapping like farm animals, the trash is piling up and the shared food is available to any contaminated hand that happens to reach into the pizza box. Some reports even describe dumpster diving. Judging by the dwindling reports from the area, it must have reached the point they can't pay reporters enough money to be exposed to the filth.

Dumbasses. Phase 2 will involve a lot of antibiotics.

The newest reports state they'll have to leave Friday, but only temorarily, so they can clean up after the crowd. Isn't that precious? If I lived in New York City, I'd be be pissed.


  1. We should just ignore them. In other words, give them all the respect and attention that their actions warrant.

  2. I can't respect any group of people that advocate Socialism, are filthy in their habits, use drugs and have nothing to offer except outstretched hands and the demand I work harder to fill them with more cash.

    A less polite society would have cleaned the area with fire hoses by the second day. If they were on unemployment, it would end since they weren't lookng for work. If they were criminals, they would go back to jail. If they were politicians, they would be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

  3. As to antibiotics, most of them will DEMAND they be treated at the most prestigious med facility they can find, and then scream in outrage when they're asked to pay.

  4. I hate to get down on people for speaking their mind, but then, I also have a real hard time finding sympathy for the lazy, the stupid and the inconsiderate. There's ways to be heard and respected and then there's just ways to make people think less of you and your cause. But, thanks to the disease of Entitlement, these people apparently can't tell the difference.

    Certainly I feel there are problems in this country, but you don't fix them by being ignorant and sacrificing dignity and pride. You fix them by putting on your grown up panties, working hard and taking responsibility.

    *Sigh* Our forefathers and foremothers are surely rolling over in their graves.

  5. My best comparison is the reactions of people after hurricane Katrina. In New Orleans, which was more heavily populated with entitlement seekers, the reaction was of anger that there wasn't more help immediately. In the areas that were equally, or more devastated, there was a community effort to clean the mess, find resources to survive and a different type of anger: They were angry that the bureaucrats were in the way and hindering progress. They wanted to go home. Their lives were interrupted, but not over, and they had no time to whine.

    Maybe there needs to be a twelve step program (without government involvement) for these people. We can teach substance abusers how to be responsible for their actions. Why not a program for people that can't figure out how to be responsible for their existence? It would work. The only problem is that too much of society accepts this unhealthy behavior. If the same acceptance was allowed for alcoholism, almost half of the population would be drunk.