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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brake Light Switch

My expert based analysis  gut feeling, tells me the brake light switch on my 2008 Sierra is malfunctioning. It's not the brake lights, but the cruise control that stopped working. Up until the temperature drop, I could jostle the brake peddle with my foot and the cruise control would work. Now, that doesn't do anything, so I need to change the switch.

So, I'll now go stand on my head, fight a clip made in hell to torment mechanics to prevent accidental displacement of the switch and change the switch. Last time I did this on my wife's car, I had a cramp in my foot, which kept me from moving, which caused me to scream for help, which my wife ignored  which my wife never heard. At least the same thing didn't happen during sex. That would be terrible, especially the brake light switch.

Anyway, if I don't post in a few days, you'll know where I am.

It was too easy. One hour, including the trip to the parts house. Now, I'll be looking up all day for satellites.

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