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Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Not Philanthropy

I've been thinking about the protests of Wall Street, which have now - according to the media I don't have much faith in - spread over the world. Otherwise, there's a multi-national group of whining people that are upset because there aren't unlimited resources for their personal gain. They want more and they want those that produce to give up more for their simple reason of selfish greed.

Giving to these people is not philanthropy. It's perpetuating the myth that life is fair and enabling a class of people that can only be described as parasitic. Their demands, and lack of the maturity to realize they don't have a chance in being successful, only points out how the equalization of income and resources only leads to poverty for all. The "Great Society" experiments have failed and the blame can only be given to the governments that thought their meddling would be better than the natural process of free enterprise.

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