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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They Want My Blood...

...literally, they want my blood. The local blood center just called to hit me up for some blood. I donate now and then, but don't make it a regular habit. I think it's important, but I usually feel like hammered crap for a few days afterwards and the last time brought me a stern look from my doctor when he told me I was anemic. So, it's few and far between for donations, but when you're O-negative, it's the good stuff and they want all they can get.


  1. Talk to your blood bank about just donating plasma or platelets. The anemia is from loss of red blood cells. Not all blood banks are set up for specialized collection and it usually takes a little more time on your part to do the actual donating; but if you want to be able to give there are some options that would help those in need.

  2. The last time H donated blood, they called him after the appropriate waiting time was up to ask for more. He had an irregular schedule then, so he put them off. They called twice a day, every day after that. He finally went down, donated again, and changed the contact phone number to the ever-popular 867-5309.
    He said "My blood. My terms."
    Can't blame him a bit.

  3. I guess I'm woefully uninformed about giving blood. I didn't know they could just take platelets, which may remove some of the "hammered crap" feeling after giving blood.

    Thanks for the tip.

  4. Tasteless bad pun alert:

    O-don't be-Negative

    Some plasma collection centers will even pay you to donate. You help others, and they defray the cost of your time somewhat.