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Friday, November 25, 2011

I Am The 1/1,000,000 Of A Percent

Roughly, that's what percent of the population I represent. What's most important about being such a small percent of the population is that I am as important as all of the rest combined. Otherwise, not matter how much they grind their teeth, moan, complain and posture on their higher importance, it's not so. My rights are never to be infringed upon - in theory.

So, the 99% bunch, as much as they like to assume they have some special significance, are individuals, with the responsibilities that come with the rights of every individual. Their special needs end at the end of their nose. If they can't handle the responsibility of living in a nation where everyone is only hampered by the lack of initiative, then there are other places in the world that may offer them a better opportunity. I doubt they'll find a place that's as bountiful as the United States, but if they go, at least somebody else will get to read about their whining.

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