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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things Some People Don't Know

I was in a lumber store this afternoon and was a little surprised by the ignorance of one of the clerks. I had the change for the purchase, which included a dime that had lost most of the exterior metal. It was the color of a penny, which prompted me to comment about the lack of silver. When I explained there hadn't been silver in dimes, or any coin, since 1964, they were surprised. I further explained the value in a silver coin is far in excess of the face value of the coin.

Judging from the expression on the face of the clerk, I realize they had no idea of the devaluation of U.S. currency over the last five decades Their ignorance is exactly what was planned. We've been robbed and few people realize how much was stolen.


  1. I remember when the penny stopped being made from copper and became merely copper plated. It is crazy to think it costs more than the penny is worth to make one, even now being mostly made of zinc.

    Interestingly enough, there is more copper in a nickle than a penny, and the value of nickel and copper in the nickel is valued in excess of 7 cents per coin. It is expected that soon the composition of nickels will be changed. I have also heard that due to the value of the metals in nickel laws prohibit the melting down or export of nickels.

    Also sad, is with the prevalence of debit cards and credit cards many people don't even know what cash looks or feels like anymore, much less how to make change. I get weird looks paying in cash at some places.

    Also sad is that our money used to look authoritative, elegant and valuable. Now it looks like children's play coins and bills that have had Kool-aid spilled all over them. Not only is the currency itself not worth the material it's made from, it's also not respected. This trend can only end badly.

  2. What?!? You don't like that big purple 5? But purple is a friendly color and reassures the People that Big Brother loves them!

    Also, elegance = elitism but not the good kind of elitism like Macs are better than PCs. We can't have that. [/sarc]

  3. As long as they don't start carving coins out of wood. With my luck, a piece of hot slag would fall in my pocket, catch my coins on fire and burn my leg.

    I found 3 twenties on the side of the road about the time they came out with the new bills. At first, I though they were counterfeit, and wouldn't try to use them for purchases. After time, I realized my error and they spent quite well.

  4. I don't think I'd like catching even room-temperature slag.

  5. About a year ago, I was helping fab some platforms, when a huge piece of slag fell on my shirt at the belt line. When I moved, it started settling down towards my cajones, so I had to stand still while it cooled. It took about a month to heal and I still have the scar.