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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Whatever Update

The newest news reports have reports of rape, robbery, assaults and other activities in the OWS locations throughout the country. Some places have quit allowing reporters and all have developed a code of "ethics", which don't allow reporting these crimes to authorities. In a less polite society, this would be called anarchy and the only parallel would be the pirate communities of the Caribbean in the past.

So, what's next? Where is the line drawn? When are the candy-assed mayors, police chiefs and other authorities going to step up to the plate and do the job the're paid to perform? What are they afraid of? Criminals? Anarchists? Cowardly punks that are too lazy to accept they have to work if they want to eat?

Screw them all. May their protest end peacefully, even though I think the entire bunch should be chased away with attack dogs, fire hoses, mace, rubber bullets and tear gas. The party's over. Society demands they be held accountable and face the consequences. Keep them in a pen until tomorrow morning. After that, give them brooms and make them clean up their mess.


  1. Oh no, oh no no no, that's so very wrong.
    Don't waste good brooms. Make them use their hands.

  2. A week or so ago I heard that the occupy Chicago bunch were going to occupy Rahm Emanuel's office, but apparently they chickened out.
    Too bad, I was looking forward to that. I was too young back in '68 to remember the riots at the DNC convention, so I was looking forward to history repeating itself and savoring every dull thud and following shriek of agony each time these modern day hippies take a night stick to the head. Sometimes the only way is to knock some sense into them

  3. I know it seems like wasting a good broom, but their filthy hands would probably make things worse.

    I'd liked to have seen them make the effort to occupy Rham's office. It's not that I like people to be hurt, but I don't like the occupiers and they need some lessons in manners.

  4. Had to tie this to your Golden Rule post. A way for them (OWS types) to understand the golden rule better is to maybe borrow the rule from the medical profession - 'Do no harm'. If your actions in expressiig your 'voice' causes harm to others you have behaved in an elitest manner in that by your actions you now consider your 'voice' as more important than than thiers. It is easy for them to attack a faceless corporation, htey need to look at the faces of those that are losing thier jobs because of the occupation. Makes me wonder what they consider acceptable as colateral damage.

  5. Besides the loss of jobs due to the protests, local citizens have been incovenienced at best and harmed at worst. Reports state that some have found feces on their door steps. In my book, there are few actions as deplorable. How anyone could stay involved with a group that has this as legacy is beyond me.