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Saturday, November 19, 2011

If You're Wondering...

...about the economy, I'll put it in perspective. The city of Port Arthur, Texas unemployment is at 14.4 percent. Washingon D. C. is around 5 percent and the U.S. Congress have had an increase in income. Otherwise, if you're expecting any help from the people you elected, don't expect much. They live in an area that has no idea how bad the rest of the country is struggling and are getting fatter.

Meanwhile, Port Arthur can go suck eggs as far as Obama and Washington are concerned. The only bright spot in years was removed when the pipeline to Port Arthur, and the promise of more new jobs ended. When you add the fact that most private sector workers haven't seen a raise in years, the situation is bleak.


Added note: I was reading the Port Arthur newspaper, which had a story about a local citizen's petition to repair the roads. A substantial portion of the budget for road repair was reallocated to build parks, softball fields and concession stands. The citizen wanted, at least, the money that was budgeted to be used on the roads, which isn't nearly enough for the needed repairs.

The only description I have is that this is Washinton D.C. on a smaller scale. The politicians, and bureaucrats, misused their power, failed to be fiscally responsible and the taxpayers suffer most because they pay the bill, besides being abused by the people they elect. Meanwhile, the city is literally falling apart. The city streets can only be described as deplorable.


  1. A pipeline that would bring thousands of jobs and more plentiful fuel supplies to our country was postponed by this president (hiding behind the skirts of Hillary Clinton: "It's a State Department decision").
    Obama seems not aware that Hillary Clinton reports to him.

  2. I have hope. The man that had tingles running up his leg is becoming disenchanted with the Obama Administration. If he can turn his audience against the failed policies, that will mean at least ten people have become enlightened.