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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pipeline Politics

From what I've read, the Obama Administration decided to not do anything about the fight to allow the pipeline from Canada to Port Arthur, Texas. Otherwise, the jobs it would create and perpetuate will never happen or end. The environmentalists are pleased, but cautious and Canada will bring the oil to market, with China being the prospective customer.

This hurts me personally. The economy Obama is affecting is the local economy and it's suffering due to his apparent lack of concern. The future local economy looks dim and the double digit unemployment will probably go up over the next two years.

You don't hurt the economy of the United States, unless your loyalties are to another country. I doubt Congress investigates, but it's their job and not doing anything is as irresponsible as the cowardly acts of the Obama Administration.

The more I think about this, the anger becomes worse. These political hacks and environmentalists complain, while writing their rants on computers with plastic cases and wearing underwear with synthetic elastic to hold it around their puckered butts. Bastards. The entire bunch is no good. Leave and may your search for another country be full of pitfalls and disappointments equal to the problems you created.