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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Big Legged Woman

Disclaimer: No big legged woman was harmed during the writing of this poem.  Resemblance to anyone living is purely  coincidental and unintended.....unless it was you blocking a traffic lane. 

She was a pigeon-toed big legged woman.
Walking along the road.
One leg stuck out in traffic, the other an over-sized load.

Maybe she was carrying groceries
Maybe it was well earned booze.
Maybe it was all new garments
Maybe it was some wood.

Her oak trunk thighs were rubbing her stretch pants slowly away.
The traffic slowed in deference
Since their insurance was still unpaid.

We all gawked in silent wonder
We all turned quickly away
We didn't want to cause any problems
On such a lovely,warm, late autumn day.

So the pigeon-toed big legged woman
Waddled silently home.
We were all completely thankful
She decided to walk alone.

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