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Friday, December 28, 2012

I Had a Strange Dream

I had a strange dream last night, which left me going over the dream and analyzing the significance this morning.

In the dream, I was part of a large group of people in the process of building a fire break along one edge of a long, narrow coastal valley. The people were building the fire break under the direction of Barak Obama.

We were diligent, and my crew was quite proud of how much we accomplished. Before we could consider the project complete, we were told it wasn't wide enough and we needed to make it wider. We went on and continued with the work in the late, cloudy evening.

The project was to prevent a disaster if a fire broke out. As we worked, and I looked along the fire break, I realized the intended result was as devastating as the possible disaster. The small line of cleared, excavated land had grown to a substantial part of the valley. Barack Obama wandered between the workers expounding the importance and expounding political rhetoric. I realized he was completely unaware of what was being done and only wrapped up in his own self-importance as he walked along the cleared land and spoke to nobody in particular. He was absorbed with his voice and enamored with his words.

It was near dark, and I stopped to watch a man I used to work with - who died years ago - working by the end of a small glacier. As he worked, the dripping wall of ice steadily advanced inches every few seconds. I observed for a few minutes, and then wandered through a break on the coastal side of the ridge that ran along the coast. I could hear Obama speaking, but was not interested and finally ended up on the edge of a beach.

It was now dark, and the low clouds brought an occasional mist. Below the distant horizon, a huge fire burned offshore. I knew it was caused by a well test. A drilling rig struck gas and they were testing it for pressure and volume. The bright light in the distance signified success and prosperity. I felt joy knowing the drilling crew was successful.

As I wandered along the beach, I realized I was walking under a large pier. People waited among the columns, cooking small meals by fires, or just gathering in small groups. I didn't know what they were saying, but I knew why they were there. They were hoping for a share of the coming boom and anticipating an opportunity.

I finally ended my wandering by the surf line. Just above the surf were numerous shallow graves with make-shift crosses. A few bodies, mummified by sand were scattered in the area. I knew these were those that had given up everything for the chance of fortune, but failed and were now only memories of those that pushed on.

At this point I awoke. I couldn't fall back asleep, since the dream was so vivid. I rose, went and made some tea and sat for a long time just going over the dream. I finally went back to bed, but woke this morning with the dream on my mind.

So, here’s my analysis:

The fire break in the valley signifies the futile, wasted efforts of the current administration. All the efforts to prevent disaster created a disaster. To make matters worse, the leader, Barack Obama, is clueless, self-absorbed and unable to realize his legacy is of incompetence. The final result is wasted resources for useless projects.

The beach is the beginning of what is to come. The oil well over the horizon is the start of future prosperity and those on the beach are those that are unwilling to accept useless, wasted lives if there’s wealth to be had with effort. Some failed, but others were going on. They wanted success and they would sacrifice for the opportunity.

Prophecy? Maybe, but it’s more of a logical conclusion to current events. Progressivism has never succeeded. Central authority, with rationed resources, always leaves a few with power they can’t control. It consumes, destroys rational thought and the result is appalled citizens who will reject the concept and demand liberty from the capricious, arbitrary decisions of demented leaders.

The founders of the United States were aware of the dangers of an out of control government. They found their own original government was ruthless with the quest for power and wealth. People died for no other reason than to object to what they considered unfair treatment. In response they revolted and succeeded in removing the chains of servitude demanded by their British rulers. This is why the second amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights. It’s the fail safe clause and the founders knew it was more than important.

I wonder what precipitated the dream. I’m thinking current events played a big part. My personal income fell, due to increases in health insurance, and the passage of the New Year guarantees increases in my share of Fica and taxes as the lower tax rates of the Bush era expire. The additional costs of living over the last few years already took a big bite from my frozen salary and the forecast for my economic future is not as bright as it should be. To worsen this situation, I’m spending a huge amount of time helping my mother, who has an income even more precarious than my own. If necessary, I can adapt, but she is already at the point there isn't much room for increased costs and I worry about reductions in the government insurance programs that were financed for generations by her parents, my father and all the relatives that passed away without ever taking a penny from the Ponzi schemes of foolish legislatures that have long passed.

I’m appalled by the out of control spending by the federal government. I’m infuriated by the wasting of resources on illegal aliens and people that learned to game the system. Many don’t work and collect government money through bogus ailments created by unethical doctors and attorneys. They profit from the hard work of people that don’t deserve the malicious thievery and greed by bureaucrats and politicians.

Things will change, although how the changes happen will only be determined by future events. The government will stop borrowing money, whether by choice or by force from an incensed citizenry or fiduciary demands of those who were willing to take the risk of loaning money to the United States. Borrowing money to waste is never fiscally responsible. Such practices always end and the results are never pleasing.

My mother always said: “The pendulum swings both ways and it never swings gently.” True words and the pendulum has reached the top of the swing; starting in the other direction. The changes to come will be necessary and the signs of these changes should be a sobering warning for those that reside in the ideasphere of Washington D.C. The most ominous is the accumulated sales of firearms for three years taking place in three months. People fear their government and they’re reacting accordingly. It shouldn't be this way and those that have authority due to the tolerance of the citizens may find the tolerance has ended.


  1. Don't forget your subconscious mind just likes to mess with ya....

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  3. I've been mentioning the pendulum theory on my blog for quite a while now and was amazed that the metaphor was never picked up on.

    Mom always said it has to swing both ways before it finds its balance. As you know, I wrote today of my foreboding where the future is concerned. In twenty years, I wonder if caucasions will be called "the minority" even when they are. The word itself seems to be carved in stone, open for assistance, and never to be reversed no matter what.

    How did I get off subject?