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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Right to Work

Michigan is now a "right to work" state. People can work anywhere, whether union or not, and not be forced to pay union dues.

All in all, that's the way things should be, in my opinion. Unions can serve a very useful purpose, but not while demanding money and using a government body to dictate everyone should belong. If they have something to offer that people want, they'll make the effort to join. If not, then they can suffer the consequences.

I know the unions will cause problems, including using violence in an attempt to regain power. It won't work. People eventually become horrified of the thuggery and the biggest loser will be the unions. Instead of promoting a path to a successful career, they'll be perceived as promoters of organized crime and the members will be tainted forever as criminals.


  1. "Instead of promoting a path to a successful career, they'll be perceived as promoters of organized crime and the members will be tainted forever as criminals."
    Not with the MSM complicit.
    Also, I was on Bennett this morning about this:
    I hope you know I'm not promoting myself here, just thought you'd be interested.

  2. The union representatives, from my perspective, are not leading in a way that demands restraint and open discourse. If anything they're promoting violence, which eventually sickens enough of the population they respond; and the response will be far from favorable for the union. These citizens are potential jurors and the violence, even if it's not answered through criminal complaints, will end up in civil court. There the final verdict may be a sum in millions, which the rank and file will be forced to pay.

    I believe most union members are decent people, but they're caught up in the game they allow to continue. Eventually - especially with the right to work law - they'll turn away from the organizations that cost them more than they're willing to afford. At that time, things change dramatically.

  3. Leif was telling me the other day that Hostess went out of business because they couldn't afford the demands of their union. Personally, I have to say I think it's damn funny if it's true that the union caused Hostess to go out of business. Now we'll probably have copy cat Twinkies made in some very non union foreign sweatshop. Way to protect the interests of American workers unions!!

  4. That's the irony. Destroy a company and lose a job? For what? A few more pennies per hour, or another reason to not work?