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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Media Sucks

Why? They have no balance or understand their job is to report, not speculate.

The murders of the children is horrific, but the constant chatter of repeating any tidbit of information, speculation, feigned horror and disrespect to the suffering families is beyond reprehensible. They want ratings, the families want privacy, but they can't escape the constant reminder loved children and family members were murdered.

Is there nothing else happening? Is the video of a child using a sword to remove the head of a tied prisoner not horrific enough to report? What about the fact Hillary may not testify of the murders in Libya? How about the economy?

Bleh. The media sucks.


  1. Just wait. One of these days there will be a similar tragedy. The networks will be camped out for days in the front yard of a grieving family's home, eagerly waiting for someone to emerge so that the bubble headed bleach blond can shove a mic in his/her face and make a national spectacle of their grieving. Then all hell will break loose when one of those grieving emerges firing a semi-automatic rifle that looks like something the military would use at the intruders. And I'm going to smile. Comeuppance.

  2. The entire weekend was tidbits of news with feasts of supposition.

    From my perspective, if only on of those administrators was armed, the shooter would haven't made it but a few feet past the door.

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