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Saturday, December 15, 2012

CRS Rears Its Ugly Head

I'm not usually obsessed by something that slips my memory, but over the last few days, I couldn't remember the name of the band that Sting was a member.

I thought about it; put it out of my thoughts; I knew it would pop up.......nope.

So, finally I told my wife, who looked at me like I was three years old and asking why women don't have penises.

It's the Police. That's the name, and I'll never forget it again.....until tomorrow. I wonder if I'll remember I forgot?


  1. Forgot....forgot what?

    I can make FIVE trips to the kitchen and, each trip, I accomplish something. (1) washed dishes (2) put them away cuz I forgot I washed them (3) get out Beau's allergy med. (4) go back to get the allergy med. and, (FIVE) to retrieve the ash tray which was why I went in there the first time.

    By then, Stud's laughing so hard he could be peeing his pants, but he wouldn't know.

  2. I've accepted the short term memory loss, but not remembering the name of a band was a little disconcerting.