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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Being Bored

I don't think I've ever been bored. It's not that I can't understand the concept; it's the revolting laziness it brings to my mind.

Bored? Do something: Read a book. Count the tiles on the floor. Write a poem. Wash the outside of the your house. Rearrange your sock drawer. Make a chart of the light bulbs in your home, with hours on and the duration of time they lasted. Take a walk. Take a drive. See if you can determine the change in your pocket with your eyes closed. Measure your height. Take a nap. Cut your toenails. Pick your nose. ANYTHING but sitting around bored.

In three minutes of writing, I've occupied a substantial amount of time and I didn't even try.

Bored? Get a life.


  1. When I made the decision 3-1/2 years ago to retire, all I heard from folks was, "You will be so bored." They were wrong. There is always something to capture my attention, whether it is the mundane household chores or a good book or catching the bus to take myself out for lunch once in a while. There are dogs to play with and a cat in need of belly rubs and several hobbies to attend to. I think a person is bored if they are lazy or have no imagination.

    1. Boredom is a lack of determination.

      Life is a short journey, without any rewards if there's no effort to be involved.

  2. If you think you're bored, you are either a cat or not living. And cats have been doing boredom since Egyptian time. Most of the "bored" are not paying attention...

    1. Yep. Being bored is like being a cat: feigning a lack of interest, rotten to the core and playing with their prey until it's dead.