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Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Avoided It, But... won't leave my thoughts and I have to write it down.

I was driving down a four lane highway, with a continuous left turn lane this morning. Two cars were a few hundred feet ahead, with no other cars in front for over a half mile.

Suddenly, I spotted a small black dog in the center of the highway. Neither car slowed down and the car in the right lane, ran over the dog as it tried to return to the shoulder.

It bummed me out. Both cars could have slowed down a tad and the dog would have made the shoulder. Neither stopped.

I returned to the site and checked the dog. It was dead and the injuries were horrific. Since it was off the shoulder, I left it there; with the thought of how someone would be sad that evening. There was nothing to do and some family member would eventually return to recover their loved pet.

I went through this about ten years ago. We had a big, female, black mouthed cur adopt us on a construction site in the middle of nowhere.

She arrived one Monday; ribs showing and abandoned. Someone gave her a sandwich, we bought some food and she became the defender of our temporary yard.

She liked me. I would feed her, make sure she had water and would pet her every chance I had.

She guarded the yard and wouldn't even let some of the crew into the yard, unless I was there. She had found a home, and I was determined she would have something more permanent when we left; even if it was my home.

I didn't cry, but my heart was broken when I found her one afternoon. She'd wandered onto the highway and was hit. Her back was obviously broken, so I knew it was quick. Still, I couldn't get over the sorrow for days. We buried her in the back of the temporary yard.

I missed her after that, and still do. Her last sanctuary was something as simple as a construction yard in Nowhere, USA and I wondered who could be so cruel to leave her without regret.

Sometimes people suck, life sucks and everything seems to suck. I had moments today, when I felt things were just that way. I guess it's part of life; the part I don't like.


  1. For every low-life who can't be bothered to slow down a bit to let a dog get out of the way, or who abandon animals to starve, there is a special place in Hell.
    And for every person who hurts when a dog is killed on the highway or who will take on the care and feeding of an abandoned dog, there is a special place in Heaven. May you always be blessed for being one of the latter.

  2. Some people are absolutely soulless. I've never met a dog who wasn't a better person than most people. I'm going to seriously have to go back to Rachel Lucas' and watch Primo videos while hugging my dog to cheer up. If you haven't been today, you should go.

  3. Over time, a dog becomes a companion. They depend on you for their comfort and their loyalty is unmatched by any other species - including humans.

  4. I can't even believe someone would run down and dog and keep going. These people exist. I know that. So my dismay is that they exist at all. Trash. Vile trash. Hell does ready a room, I think. Or I hope.