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Saturday, November 30, 2013

It All Starts with a Curfew

The "game" of knockout is becoming more prevalent in some large cities. From what I've read, it's large groups of young men, or teenagers, that video an unsuspecting victim as they sucker punch them in the face.

The goal is to knock the victim unconscious, and they show their "prowess" to anyone that has access to their video.

So, what happens? It starts with a curfew. After that, people find they're prisoners in their own homes and those that can move away. Those that can't become angry and retribution becomes their goal. The violence escalates and living in the city becomes a very unwanted situation.

Personally, I feel anyone caught participating in this blood sport should be run through a gauntlet of victims armed with baseball bats. After that, if society wishes, they can prosecute them for assault and throw them under the jail.

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