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Friday, November 15, 2013

Lost In the Electronics

Modern electronics are fantastic. Handheld devices allow complete access to the internet, instant communication, and the ability to discuss any matter with anyone at any given time.

While electronics offer many things, they prevent others. To push my point, I offer the following observations:

I was driving down a city street and passed a young man so distracted with his phone, he was almost completely unaware of my truck as I passed.

A little further down the street, I passed a young woman that was walking, while talking on the phone.

Both had their heads down, almost oblivious of their surroundings and lost in an ethereal electronic world.

Meanwhile, an exceptionally beautiful sunset was in progress and neither seemed to be willing to raise their head and observe the wonderful event.

I think both are missing something, while entranced with their cellular phones, and will probably never realize how much they missed.


  1. I agree that handheld electronics can be a good thing, even though I don't own any. I like it when my family uploads photos so I can snag them and add them to my collection on my computer. But personally, I would rather watch the beautiful sunset than be so engrossed in a game or texting that I miss the natural beauty altogether.

  2. Don't have one; Don't need one; Don't want one. ---Ray

    1. Due to my work, I have a cell phone, which is a flip top and typing a text is so tedious, I only do so when necessary.

      My bosses carry "smart" phones, which are small devices with many of the advantages of a computer. That's good, I suppose, yet I can't figure out how they can read the tiny screens.