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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Myths and Reality

Technology was instrumental in helping create the current Presidential Administration. During the creation, facts were ignored, vetting was avoided and a mythical person was presented to the gullible for use by the powerful.

The same technology has now exposed the myth, exposed the gullibility and the anger is brewing. Maybe the result will be a better informed public, with the determination to use a wonderful tool to destroy the evil of political ideology that promotes the removal of individual sovereign rights for the supposed good of the masses.


  1. Remember Orric of York? (SNL Steve Martin routine):
    I envision a country that will think before it votes.
    A country that will know a marxist shill when it see one.
    A people that will think before pulling the lever.

    1. We can only hope. Even the Europeans are starting to show their dislike of socialistic government.

    2. As long as people vote with only one thing in mind, nothing will change. The Haves want more. The Have Nots want more. One person fulfilled all the dreams.

      The local evening news in Birmingham, AL was interviewing a young woman before the first election of our President. She said that she was voting for him because she would never have to buy gasoline again and her rent would be paid for her. Now, on top of food stamps and all the other benefits, this woman was not planning on paying bills for necessities. This information came from her church in order to get out the vote.

      Some people don't care if it Marxist, Socialist, or Communist as long as their every need is met.

      Jess, thanks for the mustard leaf suggestion for this head and chest infection.

    3. They usually don't care, until they force a few hundred into cattle cars and take them to the re-education/concentration camps. There, they learn how to boil shoes for the paltry amount of protein and the sound of a tuberculosis cough.