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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OMG, the BS is a BFD

During a short telephone conversation yesterday, the person on the other end didn't say "oh my God", they said OMG. I was amazed. Texting, Facebooking and other social network abbreviations are permeating our conversation. While this is probably an ever day occurrence for many, it was a first for me and I didn't like it. If someone is so busy they can't say three short words (and nobody is that busy) they need to find some relief.


  1. I just hate hearing someone say hashtag. A lot of the commercials are doing it. Really irritating.

    On a funny note, when my frets niece was about five, she used to say Oh My MOG. Now that was funny.

  2. That was supposed to read great nieces. She doesn't fret much.

  3. It's all about context (and of course some folks still dislike contractions ;-)
    To some of us the acronym OMG used to mean Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

  4. Dammit. Jeffro jerked my answer out from under me.