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Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Bet You Forgot This Song

Sugarloaf had a few songs played more than once on the radio. "Green Eyed Lady" was one. So was this one. Their experience with the music business didn't leave them fond memories.

To complete the list, with some facts about the band:


  1. You nailed it...I'd completely forgotten Sugarloaf but not Green Eyed Lady. What a flood of memories. Thanks, Bro.

    1. At that time, there were many artists that were just learning to play their instruments and it was apparent.

      Not so, with Fever Tree. I was impressed and with a good stereo, you could hear the sizzle as the Leslie slowly turned.

  2. Sugarloaf is another great band from the seventies. There is a disk available with the album 'Spaceship Earth' and their other hits including 'Don't Call Us We'll Call You'. I used to listen to this on 8-track.

    1. Eight track? What the hell is that.........just kidding.....I remember four track.