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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Out of Nowhere

We were working on a new section of highway. The project was over 6 miles long, so we moved along the highway, while we added drainage structures.

We reached one section, where the new highway was complete, but still closed, and were installing a headwall on the end of a large concrete culvert.

I don't know where she came from, but an Australian Shepard appeared and became a temporary mascot.

She was very friendly, and would arrive shortly after we started work. I worried, since we were only a few dozen feet from traffic, but she avoided that area. She was content staying with us and keeping track.

I watched her over the next few days, and was amazed. If we took a break, she would come visit and her instincts would kick in.

She'd wander around all the workers; moving behind; getting close and "herding" us into a smaller group.

The other workers never noticed her actions, but I did. I was amazed and fond of her, since she was so good at her task, nobody was the wiser.

She left before we finished the headwall. I don't know if her owner decided to pen her, or she found another "herd" to protect.

I felt honored she spent so much time with us. Whether it was an undeniable instinct, or she just liked being around us wasn't important. For a short time, we were special and she was a joy to have around.


  1. Dogs are amazing creatures. Each has its own job to do, and they seem happiest while doing that job, whether it is herding or protecting or just being a faithful companion.

    1. She was amazing. I'd never been around her breed, but could see why people would be fond of herding dogs.

  2. Had that happen with a basset hound on one of my projects. She'd show up at lunchtime and mooch leftovers. I was going to take her home with me, but I found out she belonged to a family in a home adjacent to the project.

    I guess one of a basset's strengths is that sad, soulful stare when you're trying to eat lunch.

    1. I've gone so far as to buy dog food for project pets.

  3. My Border Collie was herding me, or trying to, when she was about two months old. She did not want me going inside, so she would face me and sort of move front feet from side to side and try to get me to turn around. she died when she was five months old, but she tried hard to work and keep me in line and outdoors.

    1. I've heard they can be really aggressive and nip at your legs to get you "herding" in the right direction.

  4. Awesome work distraction. One of the benefits of working outside. I miss that.

  5. Late to the party, been busy.
    But I have an Australian Shepherd.
    Wonderful dog.
    Friendly, doesn't want to run away, playful.