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Monday, March 3, 2014

What Should Happen?

It's obvious, the clueless administration has stepped in it, has no idea what they stepped in and want everyone to believe there's nutritious oatmeal on the bottom of their stinking shoes. This leads to the question: What's next?

If I was President, I'd tell Kerry to keep his stupid ass in the United States and close his mouth. After that, I'd ask for an emergency meeting with Congress, demand a loosening of regulations dealing with any petroleum production, and proclaim a reduction in federal spending, except for that needed to increase our military strength and rejuvenate our nuclear weapons.

Will this happen? Of course not. Obama is as silly as a savant in a piano store. It all sounds good, until you realize he's as competent as a box of rocks.


  1. Obama is demonstrating his "increased flexibility" now in his second term. Its Happy Hour now for him and his cohorts. He ought to check and see if his bicycle helmet is strapped on too tightly. He might as well wear the knee pads while he's down there.

    1. Lightweight is the best description. If he's scared of U.S. citizens, to the point he sends his storm troopers to rattle their chains, he's worrying about the kittens, when the lions are waiting to strike.

  2. Replies
    1. If there is anything to learn from this, it's that the President, his staff and minions are wimps. They've lost everything and it will become apparent over the next few weeks.