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Thursday, March 20, 2014

It Continues

So, I decide to wash my truck this evening. I usually get up a little early and do it in the early morning, when it's cooler and dew help soften the dirt.

I pull into a bay at the local coin car wash, get out, put some quarters in the slot and start to wash my truck.

Before the first squirt of water, the local car dry man walks by on the other side of the truck and speaks: "When you're through, I'll dry your truck for a couple of bucks."

I ignore him. I always ignore such people. Replying is not the thing to do, even if your great aunt used to spank your ass for being rude, and ignoring people

As I continue, I can hear another person calling to LCDM. I glance, and see the man that was in the next stall backed his car in the shade and was looking for some help.

LCDM is soon to arrive, and tells the man he needs to pull across the street. He says: "No, it's better to dry in the shade"; and he's right.

LCDM goes ballistic. I don't hear the entire conversation, but he soon passes and comments: "Either you come across the road, or you can do it your own  **cking self.

My wash time soon ends. As I'm putting coins for the rinse, the man drying his car remarks: "I was just trying to help the guy out."

I ignore him, too, drop my quarters and soon start rinsing my truck. Meanwhile LCDM is ranting and raving across the street. I can hear him over the high pressure spray.

I'm finished in a few minutes. I quickly get in, turn on the wipers, hit the street and ignore LCDM, who is waving me to the other side of the street.

I don't even glance in the mirror as I drive away. It's obvious LCDM is one Pop Tart shy of a complete breakfast and the car wash owner has forbid him to be on the property.

I need to find another car wash, and start washing my truck in the morning again.


  1. You are so right not to reply. I would be afraid to accept help, because who knows what could set him off. Or, was that just made up? If just made up, it is still very good.

  2. This gentleman sounds like the perfect customer service rep as a Navigator for obamacare (if he can afford the pay cut).

    1. That's the truth. Offer help, go ballistic and cause harm. That's definitely an ideal Obamacare navigator.