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Monday, March 10, 2014

Line of Demarcation and Insanity

On the north end of Galveston, it was foggy this morning, but the fog lifted, dissipated and the afternoon brought abundant sun with temperatures around 70. For Galveston, that's very pleasant, considering the brutal heat of summer.

On the south end, it doesn't look like the fog ever lifted, which left temperatures in the damp fifties, low visibility and  a gloomy seawall.

Are you thinking to yourself: "What insanity?" If course you are, which brings us to the tourists:

The seawall was full. People were walking, riding, driving and wandering in their shorts, hoodies and looking forlorn. Only a few blocks north, it was beautiful, although there's nothing really there to see, unless you go to the Strand.

Is it insane to be determined to not waste your vacation, or Spring Break, and wander in heavy, dank, cold fog? Damn straight it is.


  1. It's easy to see which ones are snowbirds down here. They're in a hurry. They brought their Michigan/Boston/NY/Cape Cod attitudes with them. And they're the only ones riding bikes and walking.

    1. As I've worked in Galveston, become familiar with people, and they became familiar with me, I've found they don't really care for the tourists and avoid them when possible.

      I can see why they feel that way. Too many tourists are bat-shit crazy.