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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

If You're Not Already Concerned...

...think of this:

The Soviet Union was ruthless in accumulating information, gaining power and manipulating other governments. Most of this was done covertly and the operatives were expendable, if necessary.

Now, there's an entire army in Crimea, without identification and Putin is denying they're Russian. Otherwise, he's thumbing his nose at the entire world - especially the United States - and he's making the threat he'll do anything to destroy his enemies.

So, somewhere there are Russian operatives doing their dirty work and many in the U.S. thought they were our friend.

Dumbasses. It's only beginning.


  1. Putin, a former (or still) KGB agent, is a very dangerous man and Obie is no match against him. The world is in a precarious place now; especially the US with the downsizing of the military and the cutbacks in training and equipment. Obie is succeeding in his CHANGE promise. From a great nation to at lest a Socialist one, if not Communist. We will need someone with balls and a stronger congress to stop the decline and put us back on the world map as the leader of the free world. IMHO

    1. Clinton, and other world leaders signed a treaty, which mandated the Ukraine downsize their army and get rid of their nuclear arsenal. The trade-off was protection from aggression and remaining independent.

      Considering that the U.S., the U.K. and Russia signed the agreement, which was continued by Obama, the word of all powers in the world is useless. There is no peace, except for those with the biggest sword and the determination to win. All others are subjects and expendable.

  2. I never, ever thought the Russians no longer wanted to defeat the US. I suppose this proves I was right. The were never our friend, no matter how delusional the world has become. Thanks for the car advice, Jess.