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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Quick Thought

Only a really naive person would not suspect voter fraud in elections; and only a really corrupt person would think eliminating the fraud is not important.

The current election is showing signs many people are voting early to show their dissatisfaction with current government officials. I have the feeling the fraud will be rampant, and can only hope that those caught are thrown into an active volcano.


  1. My personal favorite are the dead persons voting. Nice touch.

    1. They can't be prosecuted for fraud, and those that cast their ballot are hard to find.

  2. One of my students said her aunt moved to Texas, but a relative voted for her because he knew how she would have voted. So, the officials allowed a man to vote under a woman's name. Plus, the woman voted in Texas, too. This demographic monitored their own polls. I never could figure out who to tell!

    1. I'm glad she moved to Texas. Too bad her family is so clueless and the voting officials so crooked.