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Monday, October 13, 2014

Things You Find on the News

While perusing the local news online, I glanced at the most wanted for the Houston area. That's a big city, so it's the big time, if your photo appears.

One photo looked familiar (No, it wasn't me) and the name confirmed why. It was a young man that worked for me a few years ago. I can only describe him as a conscientious, good worker; willing to learn and I missed his help, when he moved back to the Houston area.

So, he now has enough felony D.U.I's to lead to some hefty jail time. That's a shame, but he has nobody to blame, but the man he sees in the mirror.

His family is here, so I have the feeling I'll see him in the future. If he's behaving himself, and needs a job, I'll hire him, if there's a position available that doesn't require him to drive a company vehicle. That's something he'll never do again for the rest of his life.


  1. Some people never learn. It only took once for me.

    1. I've never seen him drunk, but it's obvious he's like that, when he isn't working.

      It's shame, in my opinion. He's had many chances to mend his ways, and he's ignored the opportunity too many times.

    2. unfortunately, like I experienced, having a couple or so beers while watching a ball game doesn't seem like being hammered, but if you give law enforcement a reason to stop you all they have to do is smell it and you're going to be tested, and .08 is a really small percentage. I passed the battery of physical tests the officer put me through, it was the breathalyzer that convicted me, the officer told me so after the hearing.

      Any hoots, afyer spending in excess of 10 grand over the next 3 years I learned it's just a hell of a lot cheaper to get all of my running done before I crack open a cold one.

  2. I once found a news blip about a guy who worked for CardHole in the earlier days. He rose above it and moved on to what we understood to be a better job. Sweet guy, loaned me some soda money once.
    He beat a guy to death with a hammer. Something to do with a drug deal.
    Yeah, it kind of freaks you out, stuff that ambushes you like that.