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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Save the Polar Bears, But Senior Citizens be Damned

Between junk science, the really stupid decision by the Supreme Court to allow carbon dioxide to be considered a pollutant, and the idiots that we pay to run our government, one out of three low income senior citizens didn't pursue their health to pay for the increasing energy costs.  That's not good, when you consider the increased costs were not due to a lack of resources, but to increase the money, and power, to the government. And if you don't know what a low income senior citizen is, it's those that had very little savings, or their investments were destroyed by unsound fiscal policies and inflation. Those, and citizens that didn't receive the cushy benefits the government allowed for those that took part in the bureaucracy.

Obama projected this would happen. He knew the results of his bullshit policy, didn't care, and still doesn't care. He was willing to harm citizens to promote his agenda, and the dumbasses that voted for him should only be the ones to suffer. Make them pay all increased costs, until they demand relief from the monster they turned loose in Washington.


  1. I am fortunate that my utilities are included in my rent, but these increases still impact me in that my landlord needs to raise my rent nearly every year to cover those costs. I would just love to see these politicians live on my income for a year, which is better than that of some, but still requires frugality. One hospital stay would wipe most of us out. It isn't just we of the Senior contingent. It is anyone who is trying to do the right thing, go to work every day, pay their bills and not stand in line with their hand out. I have serious doubt that the next monster-in-chief will be any better.

    1. You may be right. Washington, D.C is a breeding ground for vermin that make snakes and spiders seem pleasant. The business of politics never considers the source of the money, who is hurt by foolish legislation, and the ultimate reaction that leads to the changes demanded by those that suffer most.

      All politicians, bureaucrats, and minions of government live somewhere. Their existence away from their ivory towers should be as unpleasant as the results of their actions. The same goes for those of the media that perpetuate the myths.