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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Texas Law Upheld by Supreme Court

The usual peanut gallery of progressive hack judges didn't agree, but the final court ruling allows the Texas laws on voter identification law to stand. If you're interested, there's plenty of reading at this web site about the law. 

Long story short: a Federal District Judge decided she would flex her muscles and rule the law is unconstitutional. Of course, she's a progressive hack, and her action led to the expenditure of large amounts of money to prove her decision was crap. She was appointed by Obama. That should explain everything. As another lawless minion of an administration that ignores laws, along with decency, she's just another person that is part of the agenda to undermine the the United States.

So the law stands and it makes voter fraud more difficult to accomplish, which is a good thing. Voting is important, but is useless if the integrity is removed by allowing fraudulent votes to be counted.


  1. obama has worked tirelessly packing the courts with constitutional usurpers. if I could borrow your tazer for that black-robed hack Ruth 'Buzzi' Ginsberg, I would be forever grateful.

    1. In a less polite society, the female monsters on the Supreme Court would be doing a job more suited for their twisted views, such as mopping the floors in a porn shop.