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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Analyze This

I wrote about my new cell phone the other day. Yesterday, an automatic survey called and asked me to take a survey. Being the nice guy I can be, I took it.

The first question was whether I thought the customer representatives did a good job. Using the options of entering a number between one and ten, with ten being most satisfied, I entered 10.

The next question was about my opinion of the cell company, with the same method of entering my opinion. I punched in a zero. I can't stand the company for what they did to my wife years ago. They screwed up a bill, wouldn't back down, so she told them to go suck eggs. She refused to pay thousands of dollars over what was usually a bill of a little over one hundred dollars.

After entering the zero, the computer generated babble creator wanted me to leave a message with my name and a reason I felt they deserved a zero. I hung up the phone. I don't give a crap about surveys and really didn't think they want to know my reason.

Today, I received a call from a strange area code. Due to past experiences with telemarketers, I let it ring; if it was important, they could leave a voice mail....they did.

A woman, with a name, was concerned about my reason for punching in a zero in their survey. I didn't even allow the voice mail to complete before I deleted it.

So what's the deal? My impression is they've finally realized they're losing revenue, and trying to find out why people think they're a huge cluster of puke shit ass wipes. It serves them right. If only a few percent of customers were screwed like my wife was, millions of dollars were at stake, and they didn't care to examine their crummy way of doing business and rectify the problems.


  1. I think that woman would have be mighty sorry had you answered, but I'm completely with you as to why you hung up. The older I get the less time I have for talking to such entities.

    1. They pay her to act concerned, when I know they don't care.

  2. I just dropped their home phone service and television. I got the survey, too. The trouble was that the phone kept beeping in my pocket and I was too busy to answer the text. the numbers were okay, but they wanted me to text them all about it. I don't have a keyboard, just a little phone, not smart at all. So, I kept typing "Do not text me." and all sorts of craziness. They finally quit. They have not been informed I have a new internet carrier. When the cell contract they are lying about is up, I will be out of their lives. My whole family has used Bell and ATT since 1954. So, that is 70-years of customer life is gone. They cannot get us back. It's too late.

  3. I've grown to love it when they call requesting my "honest opinion" of any service that has managed to full and truly piss me off. I used to be nice and try to temper my words for them, knowing the poor schmuck on the other end likely has little or nothing to do with the abysmal service I've received. So now I merge the two: I tell them flat out in plain language why their service sucks the hind end of a rancid goat, but in a very nice neutral tone. It confuses the hell out of them, a bonus.