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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Burnout Symptoms

I looked them up; and I have all of them. Maybe I can get a grant to write about the events leading up to the burnout, how I managed to get grant money for studying burnout, and the months of leisure, while I pissed it all away on frivolous purchases, alcohol and vacations.


  1. The preacher left town with $30 of the church money. The members were upset, tracked him down, and reported back to the church and took the last $5K he had left. "He spent $20K on women and liquor. The rest he just piddled away on unimportant things."

    Have fun with that grant money.

    1. If I ever receive some grant money, I'm going to visit every blogger that comments on my blog, hire them to help me waste money, and let them expound on anything they care to expound upon.