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Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Group of Thoughts

This will not be a fluid masterpiece of writing skill. I have much on my mind, am busy, generally pissed off, and glad I don't suffer from chronic constipation.

 - The Government: In a perfect world, most elected, and hired, government individuals would be slow roasted over an open fire. Not that I'm cruel, but sometimes, it seems to be the best solution. Maybe we could use the meat to feed a few starving, disadvantaged, minority cannibals.

- The NFL: If you can't play with deflated balls, maybe you should stop, take a look at your situation, and realize your importance in the grand scheme of things is at the same level as mouse farts.

- Illegal Aliens: No, I'm not politically correct. You are criminal pieces of crap, and I really don't care about your reasons for coming to the United States.....GET OUT!!!!

- Hillary Clinton: In a society, without a compulsion to be polite, only a few individuals, with distorted thinking, would consider her anything more than a lying criminal. If that's all the Democrats can come up with, my suggestion is they jump from the nearest high bridge.

- Global Warming: Anyone that believes humans are changing the climate should be horse whipped at dawn tomorrow morning.

- Bad Drivers: There are too many. To solve this problem, I recommend bulldozers at congested intersections.

- Social Media: It's like drinking alcohol. Some sip wine; others drink gallons of cheap whisky and lose all trappings of civility.

- The Alphabet Networks: As strange as this may seem, most that work at any of these networks are not human. We should find, and isolate theses folks. An island in the Pacific seems to be the best place. Give them plenty of teeth whitener and mirrors.

- City Governments:- If they represent most of the population, it's fair to assume the vast majority of urban areas are populated by dumbasses.

- Fast Food:  It is fast, but it's also not very tasty, is too expensive, and the possibility of those preparing your food have failed to wash their hands after a trip to the restroom is something to always consider.

- Squirrels: I don't think God has squirrels in his neighborhood. If he did, I don't think there would be so many.

- Meteorologists: I think it's a scam, linked to Vegas, and it's the largest gambling operation ever created. I wonder how I can place some bets?

I have more to write, but don't have the time. Maybe later.


  1. Replies
    1. My writing will be inconsistent. I have much to do.

  2. I didn't see anything to disagree with.

    1. Many don't, except politicians and those in the media. Both groups are completely out of touch with those that make this country happen.

  3. FINALLY you show up! Sit. Stay. Good Jess.

  4. I share your sentiments, but maybe not as strongly as it relates to Squirrels. I must know the back story to your present-day irrational dislike (fear?) of these harmless, furry-tailed backyard friends.

    1. I really like squirrels, except in urban settings. They become out of control, start gangs, lose their fear of humans, and become casualties. That, and they're chewing on the shed.