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Friday, May 22, 2015

Honor and Sorrow Again

I've been honored during my life. It's an honor that too many ignore, yet every moment of freedom they are graced with was hard won by those that may have silently bled to death; alone, in pain, fighting for their last moments and thinking of those they'd never see again.

Never forget those that honored you with the greatest sacrifice. Remember them, and those that fought with them in the unending war against tyranny. It's a war never to be won, if we ever forget.


  1. I do believe the downfall of america began when the draft was dropped. So many men learned of self-sacrifice and the good of OTHERS before their own. Now, there are NO young men who would step in front of a fast moving turtle to save another human and NO respect for those of higher caliber who would, and have.

    1. The draft was misused to allow Johnson to play President, and the result is a nation of young men unwilling to sacrifice their current wants to be responsible.

      I see the results of the folly of the United States daily. The young men on projects miss work with impunity, even if it means their family loses the wages for that day. When those you're supposed to honor with your dedication become second to a day of play, the fabric of a healthy society rips a little more.

  2. well said Jess. Always remember our patriots serving and who have served, especially those who have giving ultimate sacrifice.