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Friday, May 22, 2015

Four and a Half Days Later

The healing is progressing. Although I have a little numbness with part of my hand, there is no surgical pain, unless I push a little too hard.

What is most interesting is the lack of stitches. All that was done to close the wound was a dollop of what looks like super glue. It's holding well, and I'm thinking it's probably grown back together by now.

From what I've read, the final result would make a Vegas bookie lose sleep. The numbness could last forever; or not. My hand strength could return; or not. That's not much to book on, but I can testify that hand, and arm, do not have pain at night any longer. The left is next, although I'll wait for at least four weeks before surgery. After that, I'm hoping all the problems with carpal tunnel syndrome will be gone forever.

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