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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Disjointed Thoughts

I guess I'm still recovering from carpal tunnel release surgery. I don't have much energy, and the evening brings a weariness that demands taking it easy. I wouldn't have thought it would be as such, but I have no other explanation.

Still, I've had a few thoughts, so I'll list them as they return to my memory:

- Cumulonimbus clouds: When close, they tower over you, and the bottom becomes increasingly more dark, and foreboding. When they're at a distance, they're more orange; tall, the tops just above the horizon, and you can only imagine the fury of the weather underneath,

- Hillary Clinton: Yes, she's a liar. A well informed media would have researched her activities all the way back to the Watergate days, Even then, she was unethical, and unwilling to follow the law. Expecting her to change over time is foolish, yet the media seems to relish ignorance and deception. I'm thinking it has something to do with the fact they're damn near useless, when it comes to changing a flat tire. Being so useless carries over into professional activities.

- Feral House Cats: I can't really blame the cats from becoming cats, but I have no use for feral house cats. They're a nuisance, and I really have no compassion for the critters.

-Peanut Butter Cookies: I've found a brand that has Reese's Pieces in the ingredients. They're very good, and I just pulled a dozen from the oven. No, I won't save you any. They're already half gone.

- Politicians: You can't trust any politician. Some are more willing to not fleece the public, but I think those are a very small minority.

I really can't remember any other profound thoughts of today, so I'll end this post, and go watch the blue jays enjoy their peanuts.

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