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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Early Morning Wait

It's nice this morning. It's calm, the temperature is around 70, and the high clouds make a leaden sky. The squirrels are loud in the trees, even though their movements would be obscured by the lightest of wind. 

There's a hurricane in the Gulf. I'm on the west side, and the center will be far enough to the East, where the strong effects will not be felt. 

The outer rain bands are visible on the radar, and slowly moving my way. They'll start arriving late morning, and the only question will be how much rain will fall. 

The wind will soon arrive, although I'll probably only see a brisk north wind, which will move cooler, drier air toward the storm. This is good, because the water is already cooler near shore. Both are the bane of a hurricane and can lower the winds of a category one to that of a strong tropical storm. The difference can make a lower surge, which may mean some are spared the high tide. 

I'll watch this today, and probably stay close to the house. Many will be evacuating from the hurricane, and traffic will show the difference. Since Harvey, traffic has been worse than usual, and this will definitely not help. 

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